A good book, coffee break & happy kids

One of my favorite summer activities is spending an afternoon here. I just love getting my favorite coffee, a treat for my girls and sit for hours reading books and magazines.  It is definitely one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon with the kids during the rainy summer afternoons.

My girls love coming to Barnes and Noble and spending an afternoon here. They read, they play, and we all get to relax at the kids space. It feels like a tree house and we all love it! I honesly love watching them read a book. No matter how many electronics we have, nothing beats holding a book in your hands and creating images in your mind on whatever it is you are reading.

Something I learned during my visit is that Barnes & Noble is a destination for fans to meet their favorite authors and celebrities, all while picking up their next read.They host celebrities and authors with monthly events. It is as easy as visiting the Barnes & Noble Store Locator and purchasing a copy of the book that is being promoted for the event.


Today I’m going home with Make Your Mind a book written by Bethany Mota.  “A Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life and Motavation.”  She has a few book signings scheduled in June in Miami!  You can check here for events in your area!


It’s easy! Just visit the store locator and comment here with which author/event you would be most excited to attend! Good Luck!