Family Traditions

My friends say I will make any excuse to throw a party, no matter how many things I’m doing, I always make room to celebrate. Honestly, I think is very true. My reasons for celebrating are not just to throw a party, but to keep traditions alive for my girls! I want them to experience the celebrations I always had growing up.

Traditions are events that we teach our children to follow so they can be proud of their culture and heritage. These events become special days that they wait for and cherish every year. They will most likely celebrate these same traditions with their future families and continue passing on the practices.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, Candle night (Colombian Holiday,) New Years and other holidays are beautiful moments that we continue to celebrate in the same way as when we were children. These special holidays come filled with wonderful memories, delicious smells, and great food that takes us back to our childhood.

That is why we celebrate traditions and I do my best to plan them for my children. I love when they enjoy traditions so much that they start asking about it well in advance. One of the things I enjoy the most about these celebrations is the food! We include the girls in the cooking and it’s a big deal in our house. They love to help prepare the turkey and baking cookies and pies for desert.

This year we decided to make our lives easier and found an Oven Ready Turkey from Jennie-O®. The process is so much easier and the flavor is delicious. The girls love it!




For the holidays, Colombians eat a traditional desert called natilla. Every year the girls help me make it and even though they don’t always eat it, they recognize the smell and know that is a special traditional special desert for their parents. We also buy buñuelos, a traditional fried bread with cheese pastry that my entire family loves!

Apart from the food, we have traditions that come with every holiday. For Thanksgiving, we all wake up early to watch the Parade in New York while the girls eat donuts and we drink our morning coffee. We enjoy the day cooking and spending time with our family.

There are a lot of special traditions for each family and specific details that individual family members will cherish forever. Those moments are what make the holidays so special.

Start traditions with your family and repeat them every year! Tell your kids why the celebrations are important and make new memories by living the experience through their eyes.

I still dream about my mom’s cooking and have the best memories of decorating the tree together. I want my children to have those memories too! img_3250

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